Re: clean catching position


@lloydy 118 wrote:

I’m relatively new to the explosive lifting scene, but keen to really give it a go. The 1 area I struggle on is the “catching” position of a clean, the bar tends to finish in more a military press starting position rather than elbows/forearms pointing horizontally, this is with all weights.

I’m thinking this is a flexibility issue, if it is any ideas how to work on this?


Hi lloydy,

A few of the guys I train with used to have the same problem. My o-lifting coach taught us the following stretch for my lats and tri’s:

We would do it side on like in the video keeping your hand between your shoulder blades and then rotate in so you’re facing the wall at an angle and press your ribs and armpit towards the wall. That with stretching the triceps and forearm flexors generally fixed the problem.

He would also cue us on using the muscles in our thoracic to keep our elbows up and not our delts.



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