Re: Combat workouts


Hi Tom, best to get a real boxing coach to take you through the techincal points so you do not strain your wrists and also a good pair of wraps is essential as well, we have a specialist come in during our off season to take 1 or 2 sessions a week including body sparing, I mainly do a session during season as a cross training session or for lower body injured coming back, here is one of the sessions, cheers, ashley

Boxing Session

Warm up 60 seconds each

Overs/Unders/Hooks then swap with partner then

L jab for 30 secs then R jab for 30 secs then change

now build up to a 7 punch combo

1. L jab/R cross 30 seconds each

2. L jab/R cross/L upper 60 seconds each

3. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook 90 seconds each

4. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross 2 minutes each

5. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross/R upper 2.5 minutes each

6. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross/R upper/L hook 3 minutes each

then conditioning work:

1. sit up 1 – 2 punch partner standing on partners feet 90 seconds each

2. push up 1 – 2 90 seconds each

3. seated punch over head 90 seconds each

4. 10 hits and grab 90 seconds each

then cool down with 3 minutes of shadow boxing