Re: Concentric,eccentric or isometric


From another perspective – track and field athletics I agree with Ash.

We dont isolate out concentric/eccentric or isometric except in very specialist individual problems.

Likewise if you want hypertrophy you want volume.

Most modern athletic training also uses the concurrent method with emphasis on different components changing somewhat on an individual basis.

In a very simplified manner across a week – a session of high weight low reps (down to 1-3 max depending on athlete and day), mid weight explosive reps ( around 5) and low weight higher reps (8-12) works extremely well at concurrently developing power, speed and muscle mass.

We found that classic periodisation produced detraining loss in the neglected components and hence smaller overall gains per season across the gamet of needed physical attributes … example an extended period of hypertophy reps while associated with gains in mass was also associated with a loss in explosive power