Re: Concentric,eccentric or isometric


@nico 1312 wrote:

Hey guys, just wondering if any one can give me some advice. Im a conditioning trainer at a rugby academy and we are going into hypertrophy phase.

Just wondering if there is any difference between concentric, eccentric and isometric contraction when it comes to muscle build or do they all have simular benefits and is it best to mix them?

Personally I do not follow a traditional periodisation model but a conjugate model where all ellements of strengthare trainned concurently but certain elements highlighted for certain players at various times, as to which type of muscular contraction is best for hypertrophy, the main avenue is volume of training using a combination of concentric and eccentric methods, isometric is a more advanced method and is very useful for strength gains at sticking points in major lifts, concnetrating on the basics lifts with good technique and ensuring that the movements are performed correctly is the key for good gains in size and stength, ashley

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