Re: Cusaders Off Season Program


Hi Ashley,

firstly theres some great stuff here! Im presently playing semi pro rugby, aged 30 though and on the wing.. so am really looking to increase my speed and power..

at the moment we are 8 weeks out from when our season starts, and Im focusing alot on core, plyometrics and speed training. Ive also just ordered some bands as like the look of that training.

My question is, with 8 weeks out, I really want to make a huge impact this season.. What sort of program should I be looking at to increase my speed, power and agility?

Further, Ive been looking up the tabata workouts you mention in the crusaders pre season sheet, but must admit really dont know the exercises you are talking about, can you please explain them in black and white or guide me to somewhere where I can look them up myself. do you just do one set of the tabata exercises? IE: four minutes or do you do more or do you look to increase the sets?

also is the cantebury training programme split into morning/afternoon sessions, or just one session? what sort of rest times do you recommend between sets?

all help much appreciated

thanks Luke

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