Re: Cusaders Off Season Program


hi ashley

could you please give me an example of this type of workout then, including sets and reps etc… have read some of the other posts and a litle confused on some of them like 5,4,3,2,1 x 2 etc…? and time you should have inbetween each set etc..

I’d probably aim for speed session on the monday and then full body strength on tues with full body power thurs and upper body attached also…

could you also advise when to do other speed or plyo sessions, or would you integrate them together on the monday session collectively, starting with pure speed and then doing some of explosive stuff and plyos? also, do you think it would be enough rest from sat game to get a full benficial speed session on the monday or shall I split monday with upper body strength, then speed tues morning and lower body strength in afternoon?

alot to answer I know, all your help most appreciated!