Re: Cusaders Off Season Program


Hi there, with the strongman Tabata we will use mostly tyre flips, yoke walk, sled drag or pull, or conan’s wheel, with the Monday workout it would look like this:

1 x Lower Body Strength

Select exercises from each of the following categories, use the same exercise for 3 weeks then change the exercise and repeat the 3 week progression

Size group

Lower: Week 1 – 5,4,3,2,1 x 4 Week 2 – 4 x 6 Week 3 – 2 x 5, 3 x 3

or strength group

3 sets each exercises with the following reps:

Week 1 – 6,5,4 Week 2 – 5,4,3 Week 3 – 4,3,2

2 x Full Body exercise

1 x Squat or Single Leg

1 x Hamstring/Lower Back

and for the core training it would either be complete 100 reps of your selection or like pavel suggests do 3 – 5 sets of 3 – 5 exercises 3 – 5 days per week of the following:

Core Training:

After each workout out, select from the following options and do a core circuit, for 10 minutes total time:

Suit case Dead Lifts, Rollouts, Swiss Ball Leg Raises, Turkish Get Ups, Full Body Twist, Bicycle, Sprinter’s Sit Up, Boxer’s Sit Up, Rainbows, Swiss Ball Sit Up & Throw Med Ball, Russian Twist on Back Extension, Cable Wood Chops

Cheers ashley