Re: Cusaders Off Season Program


Hi Luke, with 8 weeks to go, I would be concentrating on integrating speed work into game specific work as well, say ball in hand chase drills are particularly good, one we do regularly is in 3’s, a defender on the 22 metre line a pairt of players on the goal line facing the same way, front player has the ball he is held by the jersey at hip level by his partner (or use a sprint harness if you have access to such) the back man gives enough resistance so that the front man has to lean into the sprint and drive with legs and free arm he releases him after 5 – 10 metres of resisted running and then the defender pushes up, the player with the ball draws and passes on the defender releasing the trailing runner (the original resistor) and then both turn and try and run him down before he gets out to the half way line.

Plyometric work: 4 x 50 metre bound with walk through to far end, 4 x 22m double leg jumps then sprint to the half way line walk to far end, if you have a high hurdle then a single hurdle jump and then sprint out 30 metres walk slowly back repeat x 6

Here are 2 examples of speed workouts I would do with you:

Session 1:

Full Movement Warm up 10 minutes

Ladders – forward series

Hurdles – 2 x march, 2 x skip, 2 x run 10m accelerate

Plyos – choose 2 from below

10 x MB throw sprint 30 m

Double leg jumps 5 x 5 10m sprint

Repeat hurdle jumps 5 x 5 10m sprint

Alactate Power

2 x 4 x 20m build 30m fly

Session 2:

Full Movement Warm up 10 minutes

Ladders – lateral series

Hurdles – lateral series

Harnesses – lateral series release

Plyos choose 2 of below

double leg jumps 5 x 5 sprint

low hurdle jumps 5 x 5 sprint

Power Skip 5 x 40m, 4 x 50m Bound

Max. Velocity choose one based on how you are feeling

6 x 30m

6 x 40m

6 x 50m

As per Tabata exercise choices it is probably easier to go to you tube or google up the exercise and then you will have a video reference of the movement, we will finish a session with 8 – 10 x 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest, cheers, hope it helps, ashley