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after 30 years of working with elite sprinters and throwers my observations are the same as Ash and Tom … progressive fundamentals (except in the case of specific identified injury/joint limitations etc) work best

Shotputters do better adddressing basics in the gym such as incline press (200kg common) squat (300kg) and power snatch (130 -150kg) than any single limb exercise …. single limb gets worked well in throwing drills (heavy and light shots)

In my humble opinion the ant tib is also a bit of a red herring … anything that improves flexion-extension strength and range throuhg the ankle joint helps sprinting action but again on the track is the place … in the gym heavy basic fundamentals

but I am an old man fixed in my ways perhaps >>>

cheers and best for training successes

Thanks Onspeed

The amount of conflicting stuff you read out there it’s always good to get clarity on things.
Your posts are always excellent, keep up the great work!


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