Re: fat percentages


Wasnt me in person Fergus – cant claim to be that good! I was too busy just tryig to keep them for killimng themselves training !

But he measured both blood and saliva – free and total T, free and total C and free and total estradiol

T showed a bit of a relationship to training performance and to overall training gains but not really to competitive performance per se (which I must admit surpirsed me a little given previous stuff in judo, rugby – maybe its more a combat hormone?)

whereas cortisol showed a strong relationship to training gain (-ve) and to performance (-ve) when levels were elevated (for the individual) for 3 days or more … I should say that in a couple of cases in performance testing if cortisol was actually low performance went down too – but cortisol was in fact normally a tad elevated on performance test days (anticipation?)

Be happy to share that data with you – if it is at all useful to you ?

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