Re: fat percentages



totally agree with you on cortisol

its got an unjustified bad reputation – she is one good hormones no doubt – repartitioning of energy resources is an essential part of adapting

in my own simple way – I see it as a stress hormone – a response to stress is essential to adaption!!!

in fact we have found that a good cortisol response is essential to hypertrophy

I guess i also see cortisol as one of those inverted U responses – too little bad too much bad but you sure need some to achieve optimal!

or maybe a traffic light system – some =green – i.e a good spike – if the spike lasts a long time you may be struggling a bit to cope with the stress = orange light and if it is elevated for days it is a red – stop and properely recover and allow adaption to that stress!
maybe thats all vastly over simplified !!!

But to be honest Ferg – I am a simple man!!! Cheers my friend

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