Re: fat percentages


@ashley 384 wrote:

I don’t have a firm set in stone attitude towards skin folds, although there are many fitness coaches in rugby that live and die by the caliper readings, if a player is carrying a bit but still is performing on the track I am happy with this but if there level of fatness is adversely effecting their ability to do the job on the paddock then we will change a few things and monitor more closely, and too true I have seen some big boys 120 deliver in a 3km time trial, and also be very explosive overe 10 metres as well, but with the new rules I do believe that aerobic fitness demands has increased a wee bit, but not too much to considerably alter our overall fitness plan, power to weight is the key, ashley

Actually I do not have a firm set in stone attitude towards anything in Strength and Conditioning anymore, I love Louie’s quote, “everything works, but nothing works for ever”, for me now there is no longer black and white, just a thousand shades of grey, therein lies the frustration and the enjoyment of what I do, as I sit in yet another airport lounge, time to ponder, reflect and write away the hours, I once said, “if it stops being fun, it stops being” and nothing has changed, if it is fun for you then there is a good chance it is fun for your athlete’s as well, enjoy, ash