Re: fat percentages


@onspeed 385 wrote:

great comments thank you!

Fergus I agree with you to an extent that a better bodyfat may help recovery especially if we are talking say 22% vs 15% – and especially I think aerobically!

Interestingly though at really low bodyfats – our sprinters hit around 5-6% peak competition and they really struggle to recover yet at 9-10% they fly through – guess it all about limits eh.

I remember John Mitchell telling me that across a rugby season he found that playing at 15-16% bodyfat gave him a greater resilience to recovering from game impact that when he was 9% or in others in the team who were under 10% but that was a different era of rugby when I was still a young guy many gray hairs ago!

Really interesting too Fergus on the body site fat deposition – I am not quite sure I completely buy the Poliquin bioassessment ideas but top throwers never have much fat on their triceps (proportionately) nor chest and their trunks while typically big and lifter like are damn solid – but they can carry some scapular and oblique fat!

Thanks mate appreciate the thoughts!

I do not know about anyone else out there but I am learning so much from Fergus and onspeed, wish I had the financial luxury of having you both on my team to spin my wheels each and every day, thanks for being involved you guys are truly making a difference, cheers, ash