Re: Field Based Core Exercises/Progams


Hey Damian,

My belief that the players will be unable to activate their core effectively is mostly due to the majority of them being amature athletes with no prior core training. As I am only a novice coach odds are that I may be wrong. Although from my experience as an amature rugby player I have found that most of my peers beleive that strengthing their core means working their six pack and have no real knowledge in regards to activating TA and other important core stabilisers.

In regards to transfer I’m hoping that once they are able to locate and activate their core muscles effectively through the basic exercises, that they may be able to effectively utilise their core during more dynamic whole body exercises such as wrestling. From there I’m hoping to see some element of transfer through to more rugby specific movements such as mauling, tackling and holding their ground at the break down.

But as I said before I’m still quite new to coaching so your thoughts would be appreciated. 🙂

Thanks, Ben