Re: Field Based Core Exercises/Progams


@bennyryan1996 1027 wrote:

Hey everyone thanks for your advice! 🙂

Ive put it all together with some other things Ive learnt at university and have decided on a draft program. Im thinking of setting out a 25 minute session twice a week that goes as follows:

Firstly light core activation exercises (5 minutes) such as Pilates exercises etc, to practise specifically activating core – as most of the guys probably wont even know how to activate it. Then move onto wrestling/grappling body weight drills in partners, all the while making sure that they try to keep their cores engaged during the drills (10 minutes). Then a strong man type circuit, inlcuding tyre flips, fireman carries, etc, with an emphasis on the core activation as used before (10 minutes).

Hopefully this does the trick, im thinking the session may run too long though due to time constraints. Any comments, suggestions, or ideas?

Thanks, Ben

That looks right on the money, I am sure the guys will get a lot out of the session and will enjoy the competition as well done, go well, ash