Re: Fitness Standards


To tell you the truth I do not place a large emphasis on testing, they are tested every Saturday, I only do a 2.4km time trial first day back into training to gauge if they need to be training aerobically and also to work out distances for intervals, the other test I do is a speed test and a phosphate decrement test, I never strength test, we work done to doubles and singles on a fairly regular basis so i know more or less what a player can do, but in saying this I would want a minimum of a 10 minute 2.4km run time trial other wise the player maybe be doing a lot of aerobic work for the off season, I have one player who has a poor bench press say 120kg but can squat 240kg, so what i lose on a swing he picks up on the round about and he is one of the best scrummagers in NZ, I just encourage players to be as good as they can be and do not have targets that they have to reach, cheers,a shley

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