Re: Flexibility/Mobility


Hi Willo, first thing I would do is go out and purchase a copy of Magnificent Mobility by Eric Cressey, an excellent resource for dynamic warm up activities, also I still believe in the array track warm up drills that have been around for years, they work, in al our running sessions and before we play we allow a 10 – 15 minute period of semi directed warm up, using the above mentioned drills, then we will play a skill game or just a warm up game, primary school teachers have a thousand of them we use a lot of tag and chase games to get players ready to work, plus they are fun and competitive which always does the trick. post training we will have hot and colds available, general and specific static stretching, also use of the hard foam rollers for specific areas that need extra attention, also most players will just wind down slowly with a 10 minute easy walk or cycle. and of course nutritional supplementation and food post training is very important, also during the week we give players a choice of 4 activities twice a week and I feel this has been a major contributing factor to keeping our players injury free, those activities are stretch class, yoga class, pilates and surfing, players choose what they want/need to do, but one thing for sure if you have some specific areas you need adressed it is best to speakwith a physiotherapist to ascertain whether there are any underlying causes for your tightness and they are in the best position to allocate specific stretches, cheers, ashley