Re: Full Body versus Body Part Training


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Hi ash,

My season finishes at the end of april, so from then onwards im looking to pack on some size for the next season, which begins in sept. So, i was wondering should i use a body part training method come the end of april, then move to full body sessions and power sessions as the season gets closer? Or would a body part training method not be any use?

Im hoping to put on 5-10kg during the off season, as next season i will be playing with the mens 1sts at my club, so will need a bit more bulk.

Also, if you have any split training programs you could send me i would be very greatful

cheers simon

Here are some options for you based around similar exercises, these are up to you to include the way you wish also sets and reps are a guide use the ideal for you, just wanted to put it on paper to give you an idea of how I would set it up, I may even start you on the 5 day per week program for 3 – 4 weeks, then go to the 4 days per week program for 3 – 4 weeks and then finish with the 3 double day split for 3 weeks only, then you can change it up and move into more of my regular strength and power programs, cheers, ash


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