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Hi Ash,

My first post on here. great site by the way, its helping me so much already.
I would just like to know why there is such variety in the sets on the options program that was attached to this thread. There are some sets that are 4 x 6, some are 5 x 5 and some 3 x 8. Just a bit a clarity would help.
many thanks

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Full Body versus Body Part Training
Ashley Jones

Well, I must say it is getting harder to decide which training day I am loving the most, having always been a huge fan of Systemic exercises, those which create an effect throughout the entire body not just the specific body part or group of muscles directly effected by the movement, I am also loving integrating more specific movements into the body part split weekly plan to targets body parts and to bring up weak points in the overall kinetic chain. So which is better, and this is just one man`s opinion, overall strength I would have to say 2 – 3 full body workouts per week, but if you are after size I would say a body part split approach, ideally wanting the best of both worlds include some high load low rep movements in your splits or cycle the programs over time.

Full Body (2 – 3 per week)

1 x Olympic (can be left out)
1 x Squat
1 x Hamstring/Lower Back
1 x Upper Body Push & Pull

Body Part Split (just one example of many available)

Monday – Chest & Triceps

Tuesday – Squatting (Quad dominant movements)

Wednesday – Back & Biceps

Thursday – Shoulders

Friday – Lower Back & Hamstrings