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Gday Ash/Damian/Steve.
Thanks for making/participating in this site, its great.
Im 20 years old, 88kg maybe 9-10¿ and training for my return to club rugby next season (i play #12).
At the moment i am 4 weeks into the Bill Starr 5×5 Madcow Intermediate programme in an effort to build some serious strength (planning on going for 4-8 more weeks depending on how the body feels). Progressing very nicely so far:
Deadlift 175kg x5, Squat 195kg x5, Bench 135kg x3. At the completion of this programme i am intending on doing German Volume training for 3 weeks followed by the 4 day split in the hypertrophy-options pdf. I have a weighted sled, a sandbag and i have just purchased plyo box’s (12,18,24 and 30 inch).
Basically what i would like to know is: 1) Do you guys have any programmes you can share/recommend with me for the use of plyo box’s? 2) When do you suggest i start incorporating them into my training? (bearing in mind that the 5×5 programme is hard on the hip flexors due to the fact im squatting 3 times a week). 3) When should i incorporate the weighted sled? you have any programmes to follow for them?
4) I intend on using the sandbag as i get closer to the start or pre-season training, as my training will become more specific/functional. Do you agree?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Nick D

Hey Nick,

I would not recommend using any program for that long (4 4-8) after no more than 6 weeks you should swithc to another set-rep combination while your rate of progress is still god. An example would be 5,3,2,5,3,2 – which would naturally allow you to increase your loads.

Don’t go from lower 5×5 to higher volume unless you are a bodybuilder.

You could easily start doing single leg jumps to box and horisontal bounding using the sled as resistances.

Karsten JEnsen
Strength Coach