Re: Help with Programming/Training


Thanks very much for the advice Ash/Karsten.
I wouldnt call myself a bodybuilder but i do like to use some of their methods to add a bit of variety to my training. I figure the GVT 10×10 training may help for a bit of hypertrophy.Karsten I have been intending on trying the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 programme, is the 5/3/2 you suggested a variation of this?
Ash i have seen in the pdf files on the site that most of the aerobic activities you have your athletes doing is interval work like boxing and other tabata based activities.In your opinion which gives the most bang for buck in terms of aerobic conditioning (if i were to incorporate 1 session per week)…may be a bit of a stupid question? I found when i incorporated boxing training 3x per week my aerobic fitness skyrocketed, however i still suffered from heavy legs come running time.

Thanks for your help, i appreciate it.