Re: Help with Programming/Training


Hi there, to answer your questions:

Basically what i would like to know is: 1) Do you guys have any
programmes you can share/recommend with me for the use of plyo box’s? 2)
When do you suggest i start incorporating them into my training?
(bearing in mind that the 5×5 programme is hard on the hip flexors due
to the fact im squatting 3 times a week). 3) When should i incorporate
the weighted sled? you have any programmes to follow for them?
4) I intend on using the sandbag as i get closer to the start or
pre-season training, as my training will become more
specific/functional. Do you agree?

I feel the plyo boxes are more towards the start of your pre season when
you shift to more emphahis on speed and power work since you are dopign
so much volume training at present it is difficult to incorporate
intensity work in around so much volume, although you could use the
boxes as a warm up to your squatting 3 days a week as well, by doing
some jump ups to the box or some depth jumps, these can be done for say
3 sets of 3 – 5 reps before you squat or as we often do you could
contrast them with the heavy sets in the main body of the workout. You
can use th eweighted sled as a recovery tool post the squatting session
say by walking 4 x 50 metres with the sled, or you may like to do some
sled work psot the repeated speed training as well, I would go on the
elitefts or westside sites to get how they use th esled since they have
done the most day to day training and research by doing that I know of,
sandbag work is fine as an adjunct to your training at any time you
like, but I disagree with the terms functional/specific, all training is
“functional”, cheers,ash

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