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I’m currently going through a ketllebell course, basically showing correct techniques on the major lifts, squat, clean Turkish get up etc. As it’s my 1st experience with them I’m finding that they provide a different and interesting variation. However, before I rush out to buy 1 as there not the cheapest things I’ve seen I thought I’d try and get some opinions experience from people with knowledge on the subject.

Any views on their effectiveness would be great, how you use them in your view?, are they worth the money? any workout that you swear by? Really just a general overview.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Llyody, another tool in the tool box to paraphrase Dave Tate, they have been around for years and only recently re-discovered by the fitness crowd and now they are the must have buzz item, they are useful but as you say expensive, we use them for warm ups quite a lot, swings, releases and catches, really love the prone alternate KB row and the see saw shoulder press, and of course the Turkish Get Up and Bent press and windmill, of course all these can be done with DB’s as well, we have a set of 8/12/16/24/32/40 kg KB’s may also get a pair of 50’s, the big draw back I find with them is the weitht progression of 8kg, we use the plate mate magnetised plates to increment more slowly, they make for a great wee GPP circuit as well, I would not be losing any sleep if I did not have them in my program but I am am glad I do have them, cheers,ash

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