Re: Match Day Warm Up’s


@onspeed 447 wrote:

Hey Ash

do your rugby guys work to stay really warm (temperature wise) in that time back in the sheds ? Any tips?

I am sure as you have probably observed sprinters are at cooking tempertaure when they start – but they lose their hear really easily

I suspect it is their body shape – generally long – lots of heat exchange surface and not much insulation!

Maybe rugby boys have better thermal shapes:>>>>

thanks my friend – as always appreciated

Not really onspeed they will mostly have track suits on but we have usually a few bikes in the locker room as well if they need to keep warm, but that last 5 minutes is fairly charged so there is not much worry that the body temp will drop away, I remember years ago when i was at a rugby league club we did some lactate measures pre game and one player was at 4mmol and a heart rate of 160 whilst sitting getting ready metally to go out and warm up, so a very variable situation, cheers, ash