Re: My Personal 12 Week Challenge (part 1)

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Week 1 Day 1

Split Snatch Used the (Marsh protocol) – Loved doing Split Snatch again, last time I did a split Snatch I was competing at the NZ school boys weightlifting champs, I think from memory I was 14 Years of age and about 42kg:)) Forgot how natural the moment feels when you get it right.

Push Press
(5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)
No problem, tough working to a single then backing it up with a 3 and then a couple of singles.

Box Squats once again followed the Marsh protocol, just come off a good old high bar narrow stance back squat cycle so it was nice to get back into a power squat off a box. Box height 30cm. Staying with high bar in the box squat for a while as I have no reason for low bar as I am not competing this year.

Overall, Ash great first day! Really found the work out quick and affective

Cheers Steve