My Personal 12 Week Challenge (part 1)

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    Hi there, after a period of looking at a few options in training plans over the last few weeks I have come up with a challenge for myself and you are all welcome to jump into the program as well, enjoy, it will keep me busy whilst in Japan for the next wee while as well, cheers, ash

    My Personal 12 Week Journey
    These are the programs that I will be using over the next 12 weeks. I intend following a 3 workouts policy for week 1 and 3 of each month then a 2 workouts per week policy in weeks 2 and 4 and cycling this over the 12 weeks. I will keep you posted on how it is all going as I progress from week to week, cheers, ash

    Week 1 of each month


    Split Snatch (Marsh or 24 protocol)

    Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Box Squats (Marsh or 24 protocol)


    Overhead Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Incline Bench Press (Marsh or 24 protocol)

    Dead Lift ( refer options)


    Snatch/Clean/Clean Pulls
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Band Assisted Rack Jerks (Marsh or 24 protocol)

    Bulgarian Sprinter’s Squat (Marsh or 24 protocol)

    Week 2 and 4 of each month

    Monday or Tuesday (explosive emphasis)


    Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk

    Thursday or Friday (strength emphasis)

    Over Head Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat

    Military Press/Incline Bench/Bench Press

    Options for two day workouts:

    Marsh Protocol

    Week 1: 4 x 6 @ 80%
    Week 2: 4 x 3/3 cluster with 15 secs between each cluster of 3 @ 85%
    Week 3: 4 x 2/2/2 cluster with 15 seconds between each cluster of 2 @ 90%
    Week 4: 4 x 1/1/1/1/1/1 with 15 seconds between each rep @ 95%


    Set 1: 6 reps in straight style @ 80%
    Set 2: 3/3 cluster with 15 secs between each cluster of 3 @ 85%
    Set 3: 2/2/2 cluster with 15 seconds between each cluster of 2 @ 90%
    Set 4: 1/1/1/1/1/1 with 15 seconds between each rep @ 95%
    Marsh Variation Protocol (works best with Olympic movements)
    6 Sets:
    Sets 1 & 4: 3/3 cluster with 15 secs between each cluster of 3 @ 85%
    Sets 3 & 5: 2/2/2 cluster with 15 seconds between each cluster of 2 @ 90%
    Sets 4 & 6: 1/1/1/1/1/1 with 15 seconds between each rep @ 95%

    Increase load by 2.5kg on second series.

    24 rep rule Protocol

    Select a set/rep protocol where the number of reps add up to 24 total reps, could be any of the following depending on time and what you are training for:

    12 x 2 @ 95 %
    8 x 3 @ 90 %
    6 x 4 @ 85 %
    4 x 6 @ 80 %

    Sequential Loading Potentiation Triple Treat

    Each exercise builds into the next with loading progressions, the load you finish on for the single rep of the previous exercise is what you start the first set of 5 reps with for the next exercise, eg:

    5 @ 60kg snatch 3 @ 65kg snatch 1 @ 70kg snatch

    Luke Protocol’s
    Option 1: 4 to 6 sets:
    3 reps rest 15 – 20 seconds add weights the 2 reps rest 15 – 20 seconds add weight then 1 reps

    Option 2: 6 sets
    3/3 – Military Press with 15 seconds rest between each group

    2/2/2 – Push Press with 15 seconds rest in between each group

    1/1/1/1/1/1 – Rack Split Jerks with 15 seconds rest in between each single rep

    Week 3 – Counterbalance Week Program

    Squat Snatches 12 x 2
    Reverse Hypers 2 x 12
    Push Press 8 x 3
    DB Shoulder Press 3 x 8
    Back Squat 6 x 4
    DB Step Ups 4 x 6

    Power Cleans 8 x 3
    Clean Pulls 3 x 8
    Military Press 6 x 4
    High Incline DB Press 4 x 6
    Snatch Grip Squat 12 x 2
    DB Walking Lunges 2 x 12

    Power Snatch from Blocks 6 x 4
    Snatch Grip Dead Lifts 4 x 6
    Rack Split Jerks 12 x 2
    Hand Stand Push Ups 2 x 12
    Front Squats 8 x 3
    Bulgarian (Sprinters) Squat 3 x 8


    Hey Ash looks like fun!

    What’s your outcome goals for the routine?

    What part of Japan you in?? I miss Japan all the time can’t wait to go back in december and have some of my favourite vending machine drinks!


    Hey Kosterzoo, I just want to trial all my options leading into my off season, ideally increasing relative strength by decreasing fat mass whilst improving power/strength, will be doing intervals 2 or 3 days a week relative to the number of weights sessions, I am based in Ohta in Gunma prefecture, north west of Tokyo, hope you get back there soon, cheers, ash


    Hey sounds cool! Good luck!

    I was in Gunma prefecture last time I was in Japan training at Jobu University. Good fun!


    Ash, We will give this program ago and keep the forum posted on how we get on here at Getstrength as well.

    Here is the .pdf file for those of you wanting to participate in this program.

    Please keep the forum updated on your progress as you progess through the weeks.


    Week 1 Day 1

    Split Snatch Used the (Marsh protocol) – Loved doing Split Snatch again, last time I did a split Snatch I was competing at the NZ school boys weightlifting champs, I think from memory I was 14 Years of age and about 42kg:)) Forgot how natural the moment feels when you get it right.

    Push Press
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)
    No problem, tough working to a single then backing it up with a 3 and then a couple of singles.

    Box Squats once again followed the Marsh protocol, just come off a good old high bar narrow stance back squat cycle so it was nice to get back into a power squat off a box. Box height 30cm. Staying with high bar in the box squat for a while as I have no reason for low bar as I am not competing this year.

    Overall, Ash great first day! Really found the work out quick and affective

    Cheers Steve


    Week 1 Day 2

    Last night completed day 2,

    My only comment here would be to get your 1RM sorted out first, I was going to base my % on pass 1RM’s, but to be honest to the program new 1RM should be set prior to starting this program, given you have some sort of pre training (foundation)

    Front Squat with Harness
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Incline Bench Press (Marsh protocol)

    Dead Lift off 1 inch block

    Overall nice short workout, no problem with recovery yet, but still in early days.


    After a day off yesterday to get over the sleep deprivation and travel stress I started today with the 12 week journey, so we will see where it takes me, I will start with a 2 workout week to get into the swing of things adjusting to new foods, sleeping on the floor, Japanese style hotel for me for at least the next month, also biking to and from the hotel to the training complex.

    Week 1

    Day 1: Wednesday Aug 27th

    Power Snatch/Power Clean/Deadlift

    Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk

    5, 3, 1
    3, 1

    missed my last single power snatch but got all the other reps.

    Day 2: Saturday Aug 30th

    Over Head Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat

    Military Press/Incline Bench Press/Flat Bench Press

    5, 3, 1
    3, 1

    cheers, ashley


    Day 3 Last Wed

    Snatch(5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Band Assisted Rack Jerks (Marsh protocol) – Love it, will make a video for exercise of the week.

    Bulgarian Sprinter’s Squat (Marsh protocol) – To tell you the truth i needed to look this one up on the net – sorry Ash :confused:

    Day 1 week 2 Today

    Time to put the hammer down.

    Split Snatch (Marsh ) Missed last 2 reps of last set, mental more than anything.

    Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol) Completed full sets and reps, felt i needed more conditioning leeding into this. Will let you know how i feel tomorrow.

    Box Squats (24 protocol) – Completed this with the S.S Bar to rest the shoulders.

    Notes: Need to improve diet during the working day leading in to workout.


    That looks very solid mate, yes the band assisted jerks really allow you to get the bar moving quickly from the starting position and then it really loads up your lock out position, very good for breaking through barriers on your jerk, the video will be very helpful, cheers, ash


    Just completed the second workout of my introductory week, I am using Phosphagen HP and a protein supplement, both immediately post training:

    Did an 11 movement rotator cuff/shoulder warm up prior to doing the program today, 10 reps each exercise and minimal rest between each:

    DB L raise, Cuban Press, Overhead Shrug, YTI complex, 3 way DB Shoulder Raise (lateral, front, bent forward), Empty can raise, DB Scarecrow.

    Triple Treat 5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol

    Overhead Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat

    Military Press/Incline Press/Bench Press

    missed the last single on the bench press but other than that no other problems.

    Next week into 3 sessions as per the plan, cheers, ashley


    Warm up 4 min rower 8 min Boxing Drills

    Overhead Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)
    All went well, squats are starting to feel good again, nice having the singles in there coming from a powerlifting background.

    Training partner had few problems with flexibility with the overhead squats, I had him doing his overhead squats down to a 40mm box which helped alot.

    Second option could have been an overhead squat lunge.

    Incline Bench Press (Marsh protocol)

    Dead Lift (Marsh protocol) Starting to move some weight, still off blocks.

    Nutrition little better,




    Week 2 Day 3 (we have decided to repeat week 1) moving on to week 2 of program next week.) We needed to sort a few things out

    Snatch/Clean/Clean Pulls
    (5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

    Had to use straps in the pulls, grip had gone and I wanted to handle some weight.

    Band Assisted Rack Jerks (Marsh )

    We did standard Jerks because time was a issue. Now Ash, I completely understand why you prescribed Band Assisted Rack Jerks. There was nothing in the shoulders after DAY 2.

    Bulgarian Sprinter’s Squat (Marsh ) – All good, starting to move some weight in these now. One thing concerns me – How many great Bulgarian sprinters have there been? 😀


    Nice one I did the same workout today got all my singles on the last set of each snatch clean and pull, but did Incline Bench instead of jerks will save them for Saturday, 4 x 6 on Incline and also Single leg Sprinters squat, did not think I was going to recover quickly enough to do todays workout after the blast on Monday but felt good, have been really doing the hot/cold contrast routine a lot and feel it is helping big time, ash

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