Re: My Personal 12 Week Challenge (part 1)

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Day 3 Last Wed

Snatch(5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

Band Assisted Rack Jerks (Marsh protocol) – Love it, will make a video for exercise of the week.

Bulgarian Sprinter’s Squat (Marsh protocol) – To tell you the truth i needed to look this one up on the net – sorry Ash :confused:

Day 1 week 2 Today

Time to put the hammer down.

Split Snatch (Marsh ) Missed last 2 reps of last set, mental more than anything.

Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk
(5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol) Completed full sets and reps, felt i needed more conditioning leeding into this. Will let you know how i feel tomorrow.

Box Squats (24 protocol) – Completed this with the S.S Bar to rest the shoulders.

Notes: Need to improve diet during the working day leading in to workout.