Re: My Personal 12 Week Challenge (part 1)

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Week 2 Day 3 (we have decided to repeat week 1) moving on to week 2 of program next week.) We needed to sort a few things out

Snatch/Clean/Clean Pulls
(5/3/1/3/1/1 protocol)

Had to use straps in the pulls, grip had gone and I wanted to handle some weight.

Band Assisted Rack Jerks (Marsh )

We did standard Jerks because time was a issue. Now Ash, I completely understand why you prescribed Band Assisted Rack Jerks. There was nothing in the shoulders after DAY 2.

Bulgarian Sprinter’s Squat (Marsh ) – All good, starting to move some weight in these now. One thing concerns me – How many great Bulgarian sprinters have there been? 😀