Re: My Personal 12 Week Challenge (part 1)


After a day off yesterday to get over the sleep deprivation and travel stress I started today with the 12 week journey, so we will see where it takes me, I will start with a 2 workout week to get into the swing of things adjusting to new foods, sleeping on the floor, Japanese style hotel for me for at least the next month, also biking to and from the hotel to the training complex.

Week 1

Day 1: Wednesday Aug 27th

Power Snatch/Power Clean/Deadlift

Military Press/Push Press/Split Jerk

5, 3, 1
3, 1

missed my last single power snatch but got all the other reps.

Day 2: Saturday Aug 30th

Over Head Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat

Military Press/Incline Bench Press/Flat Bench Press

5, 3, 1
3, 1

cheers, ashley

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