Re: off season


@ashley 191 wrote:

No worries at all, stretching is one of the options they use, we probably should do more to finish a session and will probably target it but we finish at varying times, some players like to do some extras, others like a hot/cold session, some will go for a surf, I leave a lot up to the individual to decide if it is best for them, I will also post up the off season plan we used this year in the next few days, cheers, ashley

Just for a comparison as Ash does with his rugby players we often let the sprinters and throwers decide what they would like to do in terms of hot/cold etc – many will have an easy bike ride or like the rugby guys get out for a surf .. its mental as much as physical and being able to take control themselves

on the stretching we do very little static stretches – except those individuals who feel they must do them – before and after workouts we focus on dynamic mobility which includes stretching in movement – science suggest a static stretch can actually inhibit peak power for a minute or three – in sprinters we have felt its more like the entire session! – have a look at stuff by eric cressey and mike boyle to get ideas around dynamic mobility – as a prop the ability to apply power in different body positions is I imagine a real asset
train hard big man!