Re: Off Season training in prep for ELV’s


Thanks Andy,

It has happened every year since the 2006 Women’s world cup in Canada. Once the budget is all spent and the campaign over the S & C support goes as well. This year we had Jason Webber come on board and set our program up for the last 6-8 weeks and that was excellent. While in camp we had John Mitchell who was fantastic. My only problem is that i live in country NSW and the support and resources are not that flash.

So far i have put together the following program after reading the thread “big off season” and the info Ash suggested

Speed session as per Damian;s archive on speed and agility as per above named thread
Power Clean -hanging 3×5
Box jump 3×10
Jump squat with db 3×5
Standing long jump 3×10
Push press 3 sets 6,5,4
Chins 6,5,4
DB Bench 6,5,4
Seated row 6,5,4

speed session
anaerobic running as per above named thread

Speed session
Power clean – hanging 6,5,4
Back squat 6,5,4
Single leg lunge 6,5,4
Deadlift 6,5,4

Aerobic intervals as per above named thread
Bench 12,10,8
Lat pulldown 12,10,8
Incline DB bench 12,10,8
Bent over row 12,10,8
Dips and chins

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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