Re: off season


Hi there I would have you in one of metabolic groups to begin with doing somwhting like the following 4 days a week:

Metabolic Group – 4 sessions per week

1 x Beastly Circuit Body Weight Blitz

Dead Lift/Power Clean from Hang/Front Squat/Push Press/High Pull from Hang/Bent Over Row/Romanian Dead Lift

6 reps on each exercise, do not put the bar down for the entire 42 reps, then do a hard 3 minutes on a bike, repeat for 6 times through, then:

Chins/Dips/Fast Step Ups (20)/Fat Man’s Chins/Hindu Push Ups/BW Jump Squat (20)/Push Ups/Lunges (20 each leg)

All upper body movements go to failure then move to next exercise in sequence, keep working through until you have finished 30 minutes

1 x Full Body Power Circuit

DB Snatch/Jump/Quarter Explosive Squat/Jump/Split Jerk/UBP/Cable Rotation Tackle Throw/UBP/Bench Press with bands/UBP 500 metres on rowing machine

5 reps on each exercise then 500 metres row on each circuit, repeat for 5 times.

Jump Options:

Knees to feet jump, Jump onto Box, Depth Jump (advanced), Repeat Hurdle Jumps, Band Jump outs, Tuck Jumps

Upper Body Plyos (UBP):

Clap Chest Push Ups, Clap Push Ups, Jump Ups onto a box, Med Ball Drop & Push away, Cross Over Push Ups, Med Ball Throw against a Wall, Wheelbarrow Arm Hops

1 x Full Body Strength

Select one (1) exercise from each of the following categories, use the same exercise for 3 weeks then change the exercise and repeat the 3 week progression

Lower: Week 1 – 5,4,3,2,1 Week 2 – 4 x 6 Week 3 – 2 x 5, 3 x 3 Week 4 – 4 x 6

1 x Full Body exercise

1 x Squat exercise

1 x Hamstring/Lower Back

1 x Upper Body Push/Pull super sets

1 x Upper Body Push/Pull

Select 3 exercises from each group and perform a super set, short rest only:

3 sets each exercises with the following reps:

Week 1 – 10,8,6 Week 2 – 8,6,4 Week 3 – 7,5,3 Week 4 – 4 x 6

Core Training:

After each workout out, select from the following options and do a core circuit, for 10 minutes total time:

Suit case Dead Lifts, Rollouts, Swiss Ball Leg Raises, Turkish Get Ups, Full Body Twist, Bicycle, Sprinter’s Sit Up, Boxer’s Sit Up, Rainbows, Swiss Ball Sit Up & Throw Med Ball, Russian Twist on Back Extension, Cable Wood Chops

As for conditioning I would do each of the following one session per week:



Swim intervals I can provide you with a few options if you wish

Cross Training

As for running I would start with 2 x 45 minute fartlek cross country style runs, I would so these schedule for 3 months and see where you are then and we can re-focus from there, so a weekly schedule may look like this:

Monday: Power Circuit, Boxing

Tuesday: Full Body Strength, Fartlek Run

Wednesday: Wrestle, Swim intervals

Thursday: Upper Body Size/Strength, Cross Training session

Friday: Body Weight Blitz/Beastly circuit, fartlek run

Weekend: Free/recovery

cheers, ashley

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