Re: One arm routine?


Hey there Milo, well it looks like a DB based program so long as your doctor and physio give it the go ahead you do not wnat any jarring across in the damaged side to undo there good work, as you suggested one arm DB snatch is a good starting point, then one arm DB clean from knees a press, one arm DB row, one arm DB bench press, from floor or swiss ball or a bench, squats with the DB held under your chin, squats with the DB extended fully to arms length over your head, same with lunges, Romanian dead lift with DB held between legs, you may have to stand on a box to get a good range with this, curl into press, any bicep or triceps options, keep the reps up more than usual maybe in the 8 – 15 range, with 3 – 4 sets of each exercsie, keep moving with only around 30 seconds rest and get as much completed in 45 minutes as you can, you can complex some of the movements together a la Alwyn Cosgrove for a change of pace as well, one idea might be:

one DB Snatch from hang first rep from floor, over head squat, push press, DB power clean from hang, front squat, one arm RDL, then 3 minutes fast spin on a bike – 6 sets of 6 reps

hope this helps out, all the best for a quick and effective rehab, ash

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