Re: Perfect Back Squat


@dunne10 1092 wrote:

Does anyone have any tips or videos of the perfect back squat? I find it way easier and better squatting when I have a video on the ipod to refer to before sets.
PS. Congrats Ash on the quality site. Me and the boys in Ireland are getting great sessions out of it and having great craic despite the hard (but definatley worth it) work!!!

Hey Dunne, Rippetoe is the best that I have found. He teaches the main lifts really well. You can find excellent descriptions at

The playlist “Squat RX” on youtube is also excellent. There’s 20 vids containing in-depth instructions and analysis of the squat.
There are also a stack of videos at and also on youtube searching for “rippetoe”.
His books are Starting Strength and I’m currently reading Practical Programming for Strength Training. They are both excellent. Olympic Weightlifting by Greg Everett is also very good. Hope this helps.