Re: Players workout


Hi Andy just to tag onto your post to Bris, I head up my program at crusaders with an unofficial assistant, Luke Thornley, he is the Academy S & C coach, he and I will look at all aspects of the program together, and I have for the last 2 years given him the speed area to make his own, he develops this in consultation with me, I have power of veto over any aspect that I do not consider being in the players and programs best interest, he will also assist me in the weight room where we both, coach and spot together as much as we can, we also train in the gym each morning together where we do a lot of program development as we bounce ideas off of each other between setsduring the off season I have probably 10 or more service providers that are involved in our physical development program, various specialists in their own sports, a short list is:

Gaelic football coach/ref
Basketball skills coach/refs
Handball coach/ref
Mountain Biker
Kick Boxer
Yoga and Pilates specialists
Boxing coach
Wrestling coach
Waka coach (Maori canoe)

Luke and I will go to different venues over the off season and see how each is going and then chat about it and see what activities are effective and which we may have to cut and replace form next years program, I would have to say that without Lukes input the program we run would be a lot poorer without him, cheers, ashley

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