Re: Push Press


@prop 1275 wrote:

Hi, sorry if this is a silly question but I was just wondering, im having to train at home for a while and have no spotter so i figure that this is a good time to work on my push press. what sort of weights do top rugby players, esp props push press, I know i’ve asked this sort of question before but i feel that having goals to aim for really help me in training

thanks heaps

The Push Press and the Split Jerk, which it is an assistance exercise for, are both great movements that should be a staple within a Rugby players prep regardless of the code.

I’ve found both hugely beneficial in improving strength going into contact, core strength full, and also speed. As a 6ft 5″ League front rower I found my yardage in contact improved massively as a result along with resistance to the initial impact made by tacklers.

My old man was an Olympic lifter as well as a Rugby player and he always said a very respectable target was Body Weight overhead in either of these 2 lifts. My PB’s are 120Kg for a single and 100kg for 5 reps @ 17st.

I’ve had a break from both for a while due to a broken arm 2 seasons ago…but I am looking fwd to getting it back in to a few sessions ASAP.