Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


@drlukemccabe 304 wrote:

Hi Ashley and team,

Im suffering from a recurrent hamstring tear (not significant – grade 1 really). Was doing well at the back end of it, full training again but yesterday training session I changed direction and went to pass ball off wrong foot (left foot) and felt it go again, which now is really depressing me!

Apart from rest, ice. stretching and some soft tissue work on it is there something I can do to help strengthen it up and ensure this type of injury doesnt happend again. Are there any good pearls of wisdom or something which you have picked up over the years which you can advise me on in terms of this type of injury. At the moment Im also seeing my chiropractor for quite a badly rotated pelvis, which increases the torsion on the hamstring..

I’ll be resting it now for 48 hours with ice etc.. but when is good time to start working it and if so what type of exercises.. once healed are there any specific things I should be working on the ensure/prevent further problems?



Hi Luke to be honest with you mate I leave this to my physiotherapist and he advises me what to do, I am blessed with working with a great physio who understands my role as well, but it sounds as if your back is the key if it is a recurrent issue, I would not like to comment further as I said this is not my area and I would prefer to get you to speak to someone with the background in the rehab area, cheers, ash