Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


Hi onspeed,

I think that this thread has comprehensively covered the rehab/prehab of hamstring injuries from a strength perspective. However, do you have a specific running protocol that you follow with your athletes during their recovery?

We currently use a running protocol (which is very much a work in progress) that involves the following:


Warm Up with gentle jog around the field x 3: initially short strides and gradually increase the stride length as the ache / pain allows during the session.

1)Interval running over 100m as below.
Perform 3 repetitions of each level and to stop the session if slightest increase in pulling sensation in the hamstring. Apply ice and retry this protocol in 24 hours. The acceleration speed will vary from player to player and should be within the pain free range.

Accelerate Distance (m) Constant Speed (m) Decelerate Distance (m)
40 20 40
40 30 30
40 40 20
40 40 10

Finish with 10 mins of gentle hamstring stretching and then icing for 10 mins.
Repeat this with increasing intensity of the acceleration and constant speed phases until player is running at near maximal intensity.

2)10m sprints – 10(10×10) 1min rest between sets. Sprint 10m jog/walk 10m. Aim is to work starting speed, each rep to be done from standing start.

3)As above, every other set to incorporate catching a ball / running with a ball and passing / running and picking up a ball / arc running.

This was put together by the medical and training staff and to date we have had varying degrees of success.

I would value your input.


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