Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


Thanks for your reply Andrew.

Track and Field is an area that interests me greatly. Olympic Weightlifting (my background) opened my eyes to what the body (and mind) can do when put in the right environment. I believe that there is always so much more to learn from other disciplines.

1.55 – 1.60 is generally the range we find most of our fastest rugby players over 10m. Having them complete the 10m efforts as part of their rehab is a)To aid in rebuilding their strength from a standing start and b)To rebuild their confidence.

Also, we have to be aggressive with the rehab due to the nature of the competition that we play in, if a player misses 3-5 weeks he will miss close to half of the comp. Yes its a fine line in pushing too hard and therefore setting the athlete back but Coaches just don’t want to hear that a player is going to be out for an extended period.