Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


Cinimod, I agree with you on the Nordic Ham Curls. Most injuries occur during the eccentric phase so these are great for both pre and re-hab.

An additional exercise which i’ve found to be useful in both pre and re-hab is (and i echo Cinimod’s comments about me not being a physio here) is stiff leg deadlifts, sometimes called romanian deadlifts.

the strong eccentric element is important for injury prevention and they encourage strength through a full range of motion, another key area in preventing injury.

the progression from this is a single leg dumbell romanian deadlift.

this arguably is a better choice as the unilateral element of the exercise has a higher cross-over to sport and the rotational portion of the movement (i.e. dumbell in right hand lowered towards left foot) places more emphasis on the bicep femoris which is, as i understand it, the most commonly injured of the three hamstring muscles.

hopefully you find this helpful!


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