Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


Hi Simon

this is a good protocol you have got going

ours differ a little probably more due to distances sprinters compete in rather than rationale of design

with return from injury we always do a lot of running on foam – because we often find the mechanics of ankle mobility are changed by upper limb damage

for a 100m specialist depending on the degree of tear around 3-4 weeks after starting rehab we would reintroduce to track something along these lines guided by pain / existing fatigue / tightness and previous training session at each point of the session

Dynamic mobility warm-up – a lot of focus on gradual increase in range of movement all done at low speed with mental focus on feel of movement

we will do this for 10-15 mins with gradual increases carefully monitored

then – 1 x 400m jog – checking the feel of the hams; followed by 1 x 100m at 50% speed, 2 x 50 m at 60% speed – then we do foot, form and speed drills of various nature -around 10 min in total – first run through at drills at 50%, then 60% then 70% of maximum speed – no maximum stuff

foam running – 20 sec bursts at 50%, 60% and 70%

then we will do 1 x 100m at 50%, 1 x 100 at 60%., 1 x 100@ 70-75%

followed by 1 x 40m@ 60%, 1 x 40@70-75%

and finished with 1 x 10m@70% 1 x 10@80%

no block work at all

finish with some mobility

each week we would add intensity to this – around 5% – so after 4 weeks back up to some 100% work

now obviously adjusted according to competition needs and individual injury – but generally of this nature

for 400m runners distances increased

Hope this adds a little food for thought! Best wishes andrew

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