Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


Yea guys that is the tough one, we have a limitation placed on us that we can not commence an off season until one month post the naming of the teams for the S14, that means we are really behind the 8 ball unless player’s have done quite a bit of their own work in that 4 week period, for us that means, a Dec 1 start point finishing at lunch time on Dec 23rd, then a break from organised training till Jan 5th where we will have to increase the rugby related components of preparation effectively till we play our first trial which is usually 3 weeks after that, so we have a full 3 week block to get players physcially ready to play, then another 3 week block to further develop players but with the added pressures of rugby loading as well to consider, I would be interested in seeing the length of time other countries have available to them, like the Brumbies and Bristol, cheers, ash