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Hi Ash
I did the 2.4km test yesterday and got a time of 9.30 so how many conditioning sessions would you suggest me doing?During a hypertrophy phase would you decrease the conditioning as muscle size/bulk is the main goal?

Secondly what you reccomend if i wanted to do some gym based conditioning?

Regards Ben

That is a reasonable time, but I ned to know the position you play, your weight, your training age, your position to comment more on what you should do, if you get fit quickly then you can minimise the aerobic work you do in order to maximise size gains, I would use beastly circuits, rowing intervals, boxing sessions, a good rowing session is:

20 x 40 seconds work @ 1:30 or less and rest 20 seconds

also you could do this:

Boxing Session

Warm up 60 seconds each

Overs/Unders/Hooks then swap with partner then

L jab for 30 secs then R jab for 30 secs then change

now build up to a 7 punch combo

1. L jab/R cross 30 seconds each

2. L jab/R cross/L upper 60 seconds each

3. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook 90 seconds each

4. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross 2 minutes each

5. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross/R upper 2.5 minutes each

6. L jab/R cross/L upper/R hook/L cross/R upper/L hook 3 minutes each

then conditioning work:

1. sit up 1 – 2 punch partner standing on partners feet 90 seconds each

2. push up 1 – 2 90 seconds each

3. seated punch over head 90 seconds each

4. 10 hits and grab 90 seconds each

then contact work:

3 x 3 minutes of body sparring

then cool down with 3 minutes of shadow boxing

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