Cheers Ash, Regarding your previous thread this is what i have put together for a training schedule.

Monday AM Speed Session PM Lower body (squatting day) ab/core circuit
Front Squat
Back Squat regular/box
unilateral option (bulgarian, step-ups, lunges)
wk1 4×6 wk2 5×5 wk3 6×4

Tuesday AM Repeated speed PM upper body weights/rehab
Y.T.W.L.I & Scapula activation work
Internal/external rotator cuff work
Eccentric exercises (physio)

Main Workout
Wide grip chins
Seated low row
Single arm db row
prone trap raise
rear delt raise Arms (1-2 biceps/tricep supersets)

Wednesday – Gym conditioning (rowing intervals, boxing, cross training sessions)

Thursday AM or PM Lower body (Hamstring/lower back) ab/core circuit
Good morning or stiff legged deadlift
Glute ham raise (floor option due to gym not having machine option)
wk1 4×6 wk2 5×5 wk3 6×4

Friday AM Repeated Speed PM upper body weights/rehab
Warm up/rehab – same as tuesday workout

Main workout
Wide grip lat-pulldown
Bent over row
Hammer low row
Face pulls (iron woody band)
Prone trap raise Arms (1-2 biceps/tricep supersets

Saturday AM Hill repeats/sprints (optional)
Sunday off

I would put myself in the aerobic group in terms of fitness levels at the moment. Im going to do the 2.4km test to see what stage i am at. Whilst doing my rehab and fixing my shoulder up my main aim to increase muscle mass/bulk up as much as possible. I play rugby league, position centre/stand off and weigh 80kg.

Your thoughts and ideas on the whole program would be great?
I Havent put my rep structure down for the upper body work plus how would you structure and put in the work with the none injured side into the upper body days and what exercises would you reccomend?

Would you advise me to put more exercises in on the lower body days?and what are your thoughts on leg press, machine hamstring curls and calf raises?

Regards Ben