Re: Rehab,weights and conditioning schedule off/pre season


Hi there remember to continue to work the non injured side of your body hard to ensure you do not lose as much overall upper body strength as if you just stopped training it all together, all your running prescription would need to be based on numerous ideas, such as positional requirement, current level of fitness, perceived needs, also rep and set structures are also based around your specific requirements, I personally never go above 6 reps for lower body work as I believe that
any higher reps leads to an so much soreness that other training activities are difficult to perform, so a 3,4 or 5 day weights program maybe appropriate, whether you require a more full body strength/power program or a body part split hypertrophy schedule, also the selection of exercsies is based around your available equipment and your training experience, all that you have read on these pages will be applicable at different times of your training year, so what I suggest you do is have
a shot at programming and post it up and I can make suggestions to the lay out and nots and bolts of the program, cheers,ashley

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