Re: Rowing Routines


@ashley 907 wrote:

A great one I believe started with Des Hasler at Manly a few years back, how many consecutive reps can you do, 45 seconds work 15 seconds rest try and get over 300 metres, I do one with my players, 10 x 45 seconds/rest 15 seconds @ <1:40, then 10 x 30 seconds/rest 30 seconds @ <1:30, then last 10 minutes 15 secodns on/rest 45 seconds @ <1:20 or as close as possible, they tell me that is a solid hit out, cheers, ash

I bet!!

Steve Menzies lands at Bradford Bulls in the next week or 2. The Amateur club I play for plays right next to the Bulls home ground, and we’re planning to invite him down as our guest for a game one Saturday- I’ll ask him if he had the pleasure of trying Mister Hasler’s programme?!

Thanks for the response as ever fellas.