Re: Rugby League/rugby Union


Hi Sean, with that in mind I think you should go back to a really basic program, possibly just the Pull, Push and Squat variety and do 3 different workouts throughout the week and over the course of 3 weeks work down to say 3 – 5 reps but not a true 3 – 5RM, just so they get the hang of working heavy to challenge them, so for example:

Monday: Deadlift, Military Press, Back Squat

Wednesday: Hang Clean, Push Press, Front Squat

Friday: Power Snatch, Split Jerk, Overhead Squat

Week 1: 3 x 8

Week 2: 4 x 6

Week 3: 5 x 5

Then go back and change the exercises and start the progression again, then after 3 weeks go back to the original program as listed above and work through this progression:

Week 7: 6,5,4

Week 8: 5,4,3

Week 9: 4,3,2

Hope this is a help to you, please say hi to Phillip Mc for me, if there is a better bloke in the world I am yet to meet him, a great host, he looked after me a treat on a whirlwind speaking tour a couple of years ago, stay well, ash