Re: Running Volume


Hi, not sure if this is what you are after but for aerobic intervals we quite often use a maximal aerobic speed (MAS) test to determine the minimum speed that elicits VO2max (vVO@max). I’ll forward the protocol to anyone who is interested but basically it is similar to a beep test only running is continuous around either a 400m track or 200m oval marked on the field. Gates are set up 25m apart, which must be reached on the beep, which gradually increases in pace. When the player misses 3 consecutive gates the speed at that time is recorded as vVO2max.

We set time intervals and the distance ran is dictated by the player’s MAS.

For example if we set a 10 second interval for player A who has a MAS of 16kmph and we wanted them to run at 100% MAS then this would = 44m. Player B who has a MAS of 18kmph would run 50m in the same time at the same intensity.

There will be a variety of different MAS scores within the squad so although all players will leave the start point at the same time, and arrive at their destination at the same time the distances they cover vary depending on their level of fitness.

Studies show that intensities of 100% MAS or above to be the main stimulus for improving aerobic energy system endurance in trained athletes. However there doesn’t appear to be any additional advantage to going higher than 120% MAS. Maybe those with more experience in the trenches say otherwise though.

So the same player A would run 53m if prescribed an intensity of 120% and player B would run 60m.

I have a spreadsheet that calculates all of this for you. All you have to do is establish MAS and decide upon intensity. We have a variety of sessions that we use ranging from 2minutes to 5-second intervals but of course you can tailor it any way you want. I would say that variety is key though. All in all it’s quite a nice way to individualize training and one session of this and one repeated sprint session has been shown to increase aerobic and anaerobic performance in season (in soccer players though). You could also apply Ash’s guide and have older and younger players complete 60-70% of the repetitions.

I have probably made it sound complicated but it’s really not, let me know if you want the files all☺