Re: Strongman training for speed athletes



i have not seen any experimental evidence but my thoughts would be that of the strongman events heavy truck-pull style sled pulls maybe useful for sprinters, particularly those who require better acceleration out of the blocks

i assume that your athletes do a regular weight trainng program consisting of some combination of cleans, squats, fronts squats, deadlifts plus plyos

what i would suggest is that the heavy strength/power squat/clean exercises be replaced (at some times) by heavy sled pulls over distances of 5-15 m and which take anywhere between 5-15 sec to complete the distance? i would say that such strength and lower-velocity power would be more useful than merely increasing squat strength etc

would wlecome your thoughts on this?

for your more enduarance sprinters, you could do these over longer distances and if strapped for resources push or pull cars as well