Re: The makeup of athletes in different events


That’s an interesting question, because some coaches hae attempted to use that classification for judging fibre types.

Immediately after testing for 1RM’s the number of performed reps at 80/85% is supposed to indicate the percentage of fast/slow fibres (approx).

Now this is fine – but my question is if you know it or find it out what are you going to do with it?!

It’s interesting looking at sprinters, boxers, rugby, soccer and gaelic and seeing the differences. It’s also interesting in team sports looking at the differences in positions and the demands/training.

It’s also interesting to see the recovery needed after training in ‘zones’ or reps outside of that which they tolerate better.

Ironically, despite what some suggest some people (such as sprinters or throwers maybe) have a very well developed High CNS tolerance – but they need time to recover from mid intensity training – if you can even get them to do it!

One other area that I think influences it greatly is personality! But that would take a little time to discuss!